Keepers of Whaleback Lighthouse

Samuel E. Hascall (Haskell) (1831-1839); Joseph L. Locke (1839-1840); Zachariah Chickering (1840); John Kennard (1840); Joseph D. Currier (1841); Eliphalet Grover (1841-1843); J. Prentiss Locke (1843-?); Richard R. Lock (Locke?) (c. 1847); Jedediah Rand (1849-1853)l Reuben T. Leavitt (1853-1859); Oliver P. Tucker (1859-1860); Gustavus A. Abbott (1860-1861); Joel P. Reynolds (1861-1864); Edward Parks (assistant, 1863-1864); Nathaniel P. Campbell (1864); Ambrose Card (assistant, then keeper 1864); Gilbert Amee (assistant 1864, then keeper 1864-1869); Mrs. M. M. Amee (assistant, 1864-1867); Isaac W. Chauncy (assistant, 1867-1868); James W. Verney (1869-1871); Ferdinand Barr (assistant 1868-1871, became keeper 3/22/1871, drowned 6/18/1871); Emily F. Barr (assistant, 1871); William H. Caswell (1871-1872); Frank P. Caswell (assistant, 1871-1872); Chandler Martin (1872-1878); George R. Frost (assistant, 1872-1873); Frank L. Chauncey (assistant, 1873 and 1876-1880); John L. A. Martin (John Q. A. Martn?) (assistant 1874-1876); Leander White (1878-1887); John Lewis (assistant 1880-1882); Brackett Lewis (assistant 1883-1885); Ellison C. White (assistant 1885-1887, principal keeper 1887-1888); James M. Haley (1888-1893); Daniel Stevens (assistant 1887-1890); John W. Robinson (assistant 1890-1892); James Haley (Jr.?) (assistant 1892-1893); Walter S. Amee (1893-1921); Wallace S, Chase (assistant 1893-1894); Alvah J. Tobey (assistant 1894-1899); Joseph A. Pruett (assistant 1896-1897); John W. Wetzel (assistant 1897-1924); John P. Brooks (assistant, 1899-1915); Arnold B. White (1921-1941); W. A. Alley (c. 1935); Maynard F. Farnsworth (c. 1922-1940s, became Coast Guard officer in charge 1941); Charles U. Gardner (relief keeper, c, 1942-1943); Morgan Willis (Coast Gurd, circa 1940s); Francis D. Hickey (Coast Guard, c. 1956-1957); George Matheson (Coast Guard, c. 1958); Stephen Rogers (Coast Guard, c. 1958); Robert Brann (Coast Guard, c. 1959); James Pope (Coast Guard, c. 1959-early 1960s); William Beasley (Coast Guard officer in charge, c. early 1960s); Roger Phillips (Coast Guard, c. early 1960s)